Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You must smile young one

how I do ma thang

It's better if you watch it this small >.>

twas a gift


  1. Wooah
    LOL you lost me at the colors xD I had no idea you can paint in gray scale then add colors over it and still have it look realistic. I don't know if I'm wording it correctly. Anyways I thought if you wanted colors, you had to paint in colors *technology fail v_v*

    This is amazing, dudee!! It that must have taken a really long time O-O!

  2. Hehe thanks :D
    It's actually a technique that even the old masters (carravagio, michelangelo, etc) used to use called "glazing". They would paint monochromatic and then glaze colors on top. Artists still use this today with oil or acrylic or whatever they choose to use. My teacher told me that colors would look more luminescent (traditionally done, not sure digital) because the light hits the underpainting, which bounces under the glazed colors on top, illuminating from within.

    To digitally do this, check

    There's alot of people though who combine working straight out in color, then overlaying other colors to get all sorts of combos

  3. Oh wow that's pretty cool. Lol I thought it was only possible, because of the layers options in digital art programs. Thanks for the helpful comment and link haha.